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Dermal Needling


60 MIN  |  $350.00

Dermal Needling is a wonderful treatment to help aid in cell renewal, a deep form of exfoliation, cleansing and tightening of pores, and removing fine lines and wrinkles. Balancing the overall texture of the skin. This treatment uses delicate needles penetrating the dermal layers, causing trauma to the skin, and encouraging the body to stimulate melanin, collagen, and elastin to rush to the sight of injury. Though the procedure sounds painful... it is not. The use of a plasticized anesthetic assures a pain-free treatment. A cool mask is applied and a lovely neck, shoulder, and scalp massage are performed while your skin settles. Your skin will feel quite tight and ALIVE after this procedure. Highly recommended to do this prior to any injectables, or anti-wrinkle treatments, after skin rejuvenation sessions, before a special occasion, and to generally maintain youthful-looking skin.

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